The Deadly Soviet Women Snipers Who Terrorized the Nazis

Sniper Lyuba Makarova on the Kalinin front (1943) IMAGE: OZERKSY/AFP/GETTY IMAGES When the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941, Soviet men and women sprang to join the army to defend their country. Most women enlisted as nurses, clerks, and cooks. Some of them trained to become deadly badass snipers. These women, around 2000 … Read more

Inside the Dreaded World War I German U-Boat

During the First World War, Germany deployed a fleet of 351 unterseeboote, or simply known as U-boats, to terrorize and sink Allied ships. Although the U-boats didn’t have much success against nimble British warships, but the merchant vessels and civilian ships were torpedoed. The sinking of the R.M.S. Lusitania, a civilian vessel, caused the United … Read more

Japanese acoustic enemy locators known as “War Tubas”

Aerial warfare became increasingly important during World War I. Zeppelin airships conducted bombing raids on England. Aircraft were employed as bombers by both sides. If only the approach of an enemy aircraft was detected effectively, they could defend themselves better. This led to both sides to develop listening devices to detect enemies at a distance. … Read more

47 Heartbreaking Photos of WWI’s Western Front

The world leaders of that time called this the War to End All Wars. Photographer James Francis Hurley joined the Australian Imperial Force on the Western Front as an honorary captain in 1917. Frank Hurley had been no stranger to documenting under risky conditions through his camera. A year earlier, he returned to civilization after … Read more

Astonishing 1970 Photos That Capture a Hellish Vietnam Firefight

In April 1970, James Speed Hensinger, an enlisted man in the U.S. Army, was stationed at Phu Tai, Vietnam. On several nights, a lone Viet Cong sniper had repeatedly crept in among the rocks on a mountain overlooking the base and killed one American soldier and angered the rest. Soldiers were told that an overwhelming … Read more