The Main Reasons Why You Should Have Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of those topics that can be difficult to wrap your head around. It is important to have health insurance, but people often do not even know what it is or why they need it. That leads to the majority of people around the world not having health insurance at all.  Besides … Read more

The Role of the Public Health Sector in Spreading Awareness of Environmental Issues

Experts have described climate change as the greatest health-related problem globally today. A physician is responsible for guiding patients about the harmful impact of global warming while spreading awareness about how this problem concerns society today. We cannot neglect the important character played by the public health sector in educating/empowering patients. This empowerment puts people … Read more

The Seven Most Common Types of Depression and How They Might Occur

Every now and then, we can feel sad, hopeless, and even uninterested in a hobby we used to enjoy. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re depressed, but depression is real. Clinical depression is defined as extreme and persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness, as well as feelings of fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and changes in appetite. … Read more

What Student Should Eat Every Day to Stay Mental Healthy

College is probably the most stressful part of every young adult’s life. Students have to go through a lot of classes and coursework, research papers, essays, academic lessons, new relationships, etc. And dealing with all of that can make staying mentally healthy a challenge. Although the diet can contribute to mental health when going through … Read more