1875 Victorian Mansion Is On Sale For Cheap Price, But No One Wants It Because of Its Haunting Past

In 1875, Sylvester K. Pierce, a wealthy chair manufacturer, designed and built a magnificent Victorian home. The 6,661-sq-ft historic house with 10 bedrooms would naturally fetch a handsome price of probably millions. But why are the owners selling it for only $329,000? Let’s find out.   The SK Pierce Mansion. This beautiful Massachusetts home boasts … Read more

Man Renovating His House Discovered a Tunnel Leading to an Underground City

In 1963, a man in the Nevşehir Province of Turkey was renovating his home. After he knocked down a wall, he discovered a mysterious room behind it that led to some more cave-like rooms in a web of elaborately intricate tunnel systems. Take a look. Sunny Skyz photo: thingshappendownhere │ via Sometimes Interesting What he … Read more

One Of The Most Beautiful Places In The World You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Located in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand, this contemporary unconventional Buddhist temple was designed by Chalermchai Kositpipat in 1997. Sadly, the White Temple was recently almost destroyed by an earthquake. Thanks to local and international support, Kositpipat is inspired to rebuild the temple back to its original splendor.