This Looks Like An Ordinary Tool Shed. But Wait Till The Walls Are Folded Up…

We love small, sustainable and affordable houses. And why not? With all the innovative fixtures, hidden compartments and fold-out walls that increase the floor area, homeowners can live pretty comfortably inside these tiny homes. Just take a look at this “House on Sleds” below. This tiny house looks like a nondescript utility shed when shuttered … Read more

This Beautiful Cottage Is Only 320 Square Feet, But Just Take A Look Inside

This little cottage is solid proof that a tiny house can be just as great as a big one. Especially when it’s perched on the the cliffside, in the most picturesque location overlooking epic views of the ocean. Also, this tiny home in Whitsand Bay (a local surfing destination) doesn’t even feel cramped. With white … Read more

Chinese Professor Builds a Mountain Retreat On Top Of A Residential Building in Beijing

Photo by Luo Xiaoguang / Rex Features (2801921d)

Professor Zhang Lin wanted to live in a house on top of a mountain, but without leaving the city. So he built one on top of a 26th-story residential building in the middle of a bustling city. The neighbors naturally aren’t feeling very zen about it. He didn’t even bother checking with them or the … Read more

This Adventurous Couple Had This Crazy Idea. Then 10 Years Later… WOW!

The internet dubbed it the “Chateau Bathtub” or “The Redneck Yacht Club.” But for the couple Foy and Louisa Brown it’s simply their floating dream house. It took Foy a decade-long labor of love to complete the project. They originally planned to rent the floating getaway to earn extra funds. But when it was finished … Read more