10 Most Expensive Houses In The World

Ever wonder where the world’s richest, most powerful people live? Well, wonder no more because here are the 10 priciest and fanciest homes in the world.   1. 17 Upper Phillimore Gardens Yahoo Finance Canada/Google This five-story Victorian villa used to be a 10-bedroom prep school turned mansion has been named the most expensive house … Read more

Coolest Space Photos Ever Taken by NASA (31 pics)

Throughout the years, we have been fascinated by the heavens. And lucky for us, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA constantly amazes us with some truly spectacular photos of earth, space, and pretty much the entire visible universe. Case in point, here are 31 super cool space photos taken by NASA that’ll definitely … Read more

89-Year-Old Reunited with His Wallet After He Lost It 65 Years Ago

In 1950, Edward Parker lost his wallet in Lambeth Palace where he was repairing the WWII bomb damaged part of the building. He was more concerned about losing the treasured items he kept inside it. Nearly 7 decades later, Parker surely didn’t expect to be reunited with his wallet. But as fate would have it, … Read more

17 Epic Movie Sets That Were Actually Miniature Models

From the mind-bending architecture of the Inception to Middle Earth towers of the Lord of the Rings, the world of movies has shown us orgasmic cinematography that is almost beyond human imagination. The pictures below will us quite a mind trip looking at recognizable and epic scenes of amazing Hollywood films, which are actually made … Read more