The Disciplines of Leadership That Inspire Ownership


Effective leadership is not simply about issuing orders and expecting immediate compliance. Instead, it is about inspiring others to take ownership of their work and develop into leaders. Reaching your full potential as a leader requires the implementation of certain disciplines that will create an atmosphere where individuals feel inspired to think independently, take action, … Read more

Tupac Wrote These 4 Beautiful Poems When He Was 17

Music is a universal language. Even if we can’t understand a single word in the lyrics, the melody or beat is enough to make a connection with the song. But when it comes to Tupac’s music, the connection is with him. rapbasement Tupac Amaru Shakur was a talented songwriter, rapper, and actor. Throughout his career, … Read more

33 Incredible Images That Put Everything Into Perspective

These awe-inspiring photos give us a different, mind-blowing and humbling perspective of our entire existence, reminding us of our utter insignificance in the greater scheme of things.   1. This is the Earth, where we all live. 2. This is our “neighborhood,” the solar system. 3. This is the scaled distance between the … Read more

When You See This Amazing Photograph Even Once, It Will Stay With You For Hours

When you see stunning images of our planet from far away, the implications may not immediately be clear. But this one puts it all into perspective. Watch the amazing video and please share with your friends on Facebook. Credits: The Carl Sagan Series | Reid Gower [wp_ad_camp_1] Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of … Read more