Which Famous Rappers are Crips? [Top 15 Rappers]

Famous Rappers are Crips

Rap music has been impacted by different societies and communities, and one of the noticeable affiliations within the hip-hop scene is with groups just like the Crips. The Crips, a infamous pack beginning from South California, has seen a few of its individuals rise to popularity within the music industry. Here, we’ll dig into the … Read more

Who is Peso Pluma Dad?

Peso Pluma Dad

In the realm of social media, you may have come across the viral sensation known as “Peso Pluma Dad”, who has wowed audiences with his hilarious and touching videos but who exactly is he? This story delves into the mystery behind Peso Pluma’s grandfather, exploring the mysterious world of the music industry and the fascination … Read more

Ryan Paevey’s Wife, Status, Net Worth: Is He Married or Gay?

Ryan Paevey

Ryan Pavey, a celebrity in the entertainment world, has often kept his personal life private, leading to questions about his marital status. As an actor who has won the hearts of many, his relationship status is a matter of interest to his fans. Despite his remarkable achievements in Hollywood, Ryan Pavey’s marriage details are unrevealed. … Read more

Teddy Swims Wife: Is Teddy Swims Married in Real Life?

Teddy And Cassidie Cottone’s Relationship 

Teddy Swims is an American singer and songwriter. He also combines genres such as R&B, soul, country, and pop. He is also most known for his cover performance on YouTube, which has had 400 million views as of 2022.  He is currently in the spotlight for Meghan Trainor’s performance of her song “Bad for Me” … Read more

Top 13 Fashion Nova Model Names

Demi Rose

Fashion Nova has become one of the most talked-about fashion brands on social media. With over 20 million Instagram followers and counting, Fashion Nova uses influencer marketing to showcase their styles on models and influencers. The models who work with Fashion Nova play a major role in making the brand aspirational for its target demographic … Read more