Old Shipping Containers Transformed into Probably The Coolest Tiny City Ever

Instead of leaving them lying around, taking up space while they wait for their rusty end, the brilliant minds at Urban Space Management have come up with a perfect way to repurpose old shipping containers. Take a look!   Located at the Trinity Buoy Wharf in London, Urban Space Management spent 5 months (yes, that … Read more

This Man’s Zombie-proof Doomsday House Appears Like A Top Secret Facility

The zombie apocalypse may never happen. But to some rich people it’s a good excuse to shell out money building a zombie-proof doomsday shelter, just in case. The architects over at KWK Promes designed this futuristic, indestructible fortress. It only has one entrance located on the second floor after crossing a fortified drawbridge. Once you … Read more

Gratifying Footage of How Railroad Tracks Are Getting Replace These Days

Ever curious as to how railroad tracks get replaced? Well I wasn’t, but this surprisingly gratifying footage of how it’s done nowadays gave me a whole new appreciation for this beast of a machine. Compared to before when men do almost all the work manually, riding pump-handle trolleys and hammering railroad spikes to the ground, … Read more