Understanding the Rarity and Value of the P2000 Handgun

P2000 Handgun

In the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), firearms play a crucial role in determining a player’s success on the virtual battlefield. Among the diverse arsenal of weapons available, the P2000 handgun stands out as a reliable sidearm favored by many players. The P2000, developed by Heckler & Koch, is a compact semi-automatic pistol that … Read more

World’s Famous Paintings Meet 21st-Century Gadgets and Selfies

What would it be like if famous historical artworks are updated with the latest technological devices? This is exactly what the Korean illustrator Kim Dong-Kyu wants to find out. Kim updated the famous works of Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Manet and other famous artists in history by adding 21st century gadgets. The final results … Read more

Most Expensive Pocket Watch in History Made for Marie Antoinette completed in 1827

The Queen never got a chance to admire the most expensive pocket watch ever made in the world. It was supposed to be a present for her. But the Breguet number 160 known as the “Marie-Antoinette” in the Queen’s honor, was completed in 1827 –- 44 years after the watch was ordered, and 34 years … Read more