38 Weirdest World Records Ever Held

World records offer us fascinating factoids. But there are some that will leave you puzzled and, quite frankly, amused. These totally wacky categories were mostly submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records, while others were reported by local news. Nevertheless, these odd achievements are quite interesting to know.   1. Etibar Elchyev took the … Read more

10 Scariest Train Rides In The World

Traveling by rail can be one of the most relaxing and most scenic journeys you could take. You’re sure in for a remarkable experience as you will be passing through postcard-perfect places. But don’t count so much on the “relaxing” part with these ten scariest train rides in the world. With zig-zagging tracks, vertical hills, … Read more

This Is The Apocalypse Video CNN Will Play When The World Ends

At the launch of Cable News Network (CNN) in 1980, Ted Turner made the claim that CNN “won’t be signing off until the world ends.” So in case the apocalypse happens, Turner produced this eerie video… Hidden deep in CNN’s MIRA archive system, under the name TURNER DOOMSDAY VIDEO, this video was only to be … Read more