Photos Of Mysterious Abandoned Chicken Church in the Jungle of Indonesia

Hidden deep in the Indonesian jungle, lies a ‘church’ with the most unusual form. The long abandoned structure was built by 67-year-old Daniel Alamsjah in 1990, after he had a vision from God to build a prayer house atop a hill. What he built though was no ordinary place of worship. For starters – it … Read more

Old Shipping Containers Transformed into Probably The Coolest Tiny City Ever

Instead of leaving them lying around, taking up space while they wait for their rusty end, the brilliant minds at Urban Space Management have come up with a perfect way to repurpose old shipping containers. Take a look!   Located at the Trinity Buoy Wharf in London, Urban Space Management spent 5 months (yes, that … Read more

Since 1915, Humans Have Been Living Inside This Hole. You Gotta See The Inside…

Time and time again, humans have proved there are many incredible ways to live. We’ve seen floating homes, tiny mobile shelters, and container vans transformed into cozy quarters. We may think we’ve seen it all, but that’s about to change.   In the scorching red plains and treeless horizon of South Australia, there lies a … Read more

1875 Victorian Mansion Is On Sale For Cheap Price, But No One Wants It Because of Its Haunting Past

In 1875, Sylvester K. Pierce, a wealthy chair manufacturer, designed and built a magnificent Victorian home. The 6,661-sq-ft historic house with 10 bedrooms would naturally fetch a handsome price of probably millions. But why are the owners selling it for only $329,000? Let’s find out.   The SK Pierce Mansion. This beautiful Massachusetts home boasts … Read more