This Guy Had The Wrong Dog In The Wrong Country. When The Govt Killed It, He Did This…

The authorities gave Dan 8 days to prove that his dog Zanto wasn’t one of the country’s banned breeds. 27-year-old Dan knew that is impossible. Zanto had done nothing wrong. His only fault is that he’s born a pit bull, in the wrong country, Denmark. After 8 days, the authorities “ripped out” Zanto out of … Read more

Seconds Before She Ran Out Of Air, This Guy Smashed a Rock Into BMW Car to Save Her

These incredible photos were captured moment a woman is freed from her sinking car. With only a few minutes to spare, a police officer tried to smash the window with his baton with no luck. Another quick-thinking officer used a rock and managed to shatter the glass. They were able to drag her to safety … Read more

See That Little Boy? A Vicious Dog Is About to Attack Him. But You Gotta See What Happens Next.

A 4-year-old boy was riding a bike near his yard. All of a sudden a vicious dog came out of nowhere and attacked him. The boy was knocked to the ground. The dog started dragging him away when the fearless and heroic cat sprang into action and rescued the helpless child. Here’s the boy riding … Read more

These Rich People in China Are Slaughtering Tigers for Fun. What’s Wrong with Them?

What these rich people in China are doing for fun is completely disgusting and enraging. They’re slaughtering tigers to flaunt their social status and for “visual feasts” to entertain their wealthy guests. As reported by the state-run Xinhua News, at least 10 beautiful tigers were viciously slaughtered recently as part of a gruesome and repulsive … Read more