Critter Extermination vs. Eviction: Tips for Responsible Wildlife Encounters

Critter Extermination vs. Eviction

When stumbling upon a family of possums in the garden or spotting a few mice inside the pantry, the first reaction for many people would be to call exterminators and have the problem dealt with before it grows into a more challenging and harder-to-manage issue. However, before dialing the number of a specialized critter eradication … Read more

How To Prepare A Young Horse For Its First Race

couple with horse

Taking your young horse to the race track for the first time can be a daunting experience, and you need to take the proper steps to prepare ahead of time to avoid unforeseen challenges. Racing is an exciting yet challenging sport that requires extensive preparation and involvement from all parties involved. Whether this is your … Read more

Wolf Sanctuary in Norway That Lets You Watch the Northern Lights While Cuddling With Wolves

Polar Park A wolf isn’t the kind of animal you’d fantasize about cuddling, or even let one anywhere near you. But in this incredible wolf sanctuary in Norway, that’s exactly what tourists and locals sign up for. The Polar Park in Norway is an animal wildlife sanctuary with wolves raised by humans. Unlike those wolves … Read more