Critter Extermination vs. Eviction: Tips for Responsible Wildlife Encounters

When stumbling upon a family of possums in the garden or spotting a few mice inside the pantry, the first reaction for many people would be to call exterminators and have the problem dealt with before it grows into a more challenging and harder-to-manage issue. However, before dialing the number of a specialized critter eradication service, it is worth reminding yourself that extermination is a synonym for murder, and that is never a good thing to do. Especially not if you have other, less cruel and more ethical options.

5 Things to Try Before Calling Critter Exterminators

Here are a few tips shared by Critter Stop experts that might help nip the problem of critters on your property in the bud. Professionals at offer a safe and humane solution to residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area who are dealing with a critter crisis.

Consider trying all of these tips before you move on to something more radical:

  • Seal entry points. Search your property for openings that might serve as potential entry points for critters. Gaps in the walls, uncapped chimneys, vents and exhaust fans that are not protected with a sturdy wire mesh – all should be sealed, covered, and secured carefully.
  • Get rid of attractants. When the weather gets cold, critters will often come to people’s property looking for food and shelter. Keeping the surroundings clean, securing leads on the trash cans, storing food in airtight containers, and not leaving any pet chow unattended outside is the best way to persuade starving intruders to go someplace else for nourishment.
  • Use natural, eco-friendly repellents. The use of natural deterrents like strong-smelling herbs, spices, or essential oils can help discourage certain critters from approaching your property. Even skunks who are not particularly self-conscious when it comes to their own scent will not dare to step a paw inside your garden if they smell citrus, pepper, or eucalyptus.
  • Leverage technology. Things like motion-activated lights, noise-emitting step-on devices, smart sprinkler systems, and laser repellers can all be effective in providing unexpected stimuli to deter critters and prevent them from lingering on your property.
  • Modify the property landscape. Make your property less inviting to critters by getting rid of any potential hiding places like overgrown vegetation, clutter, stacked firewood, etc. Also, consider setting up fences and screening the deck.

If none of the above methods have been effective in making the critters want to leave your property, there is one more merciful and highly successful option to try before resorting to extermination: safe wildlife removal.

Extermination Is Not a Solution, But Ethical Removal Is

Resorting to cruelty and harm when your furry opponent is only 12 inches tall or less is not a cool way to go. Instead, it is always possible to find a compassionate and ethical solution that will help preserve the delicate balance of our environment and allow you to show kindness even to the tiniest of creatures. Companies like Critter Stop offer ethical critter eviction services that prioritize both the animals’ well-being and people’s comfort.