Hilarious Pictures of Tipsy Elephants Drunk On Fermented Fruit

A photographer found a group of young elephants apparently drunk and disorderly. Ross Couper, the photographer, lost no time to capture the hilarious spectacle as the elephants stumbled around and fell over each other on the ground. In case you’re asking, no one gave these elephants alcohol. They got drunk themselves after they found and … Read more

Epic Wildlife Battle for the Ages: Hippos Vs. Crocodiles

The amazing battle happened in the Luangwa River in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park. Wildlife photographer Marc Mol captured the incredible breathtaking moments. Hippos and crocodiles are two of the fearsome creatures that live in the waterways of Africa. In this battle, there were around 140 crocodiles against a herd of hippos. The warriors of … Read more