17 Gorgeous Houses with Living Trees Incorporated into Their Design

When a new building rises, many of us wonder how many trees were felled to make way for it. But that’s not the case every time. Sometimes architects, clever architects, find a way to incorporate a living tree into their design, creating absolutely stunning structures that bring the outdoors inside. Take a look!   1. … Read more

It Has Finally Happened: Wine Ice Cream

There’s a family run business based in New York that has just done something that, quite frankly, we are surprised hasn’t happened sooner… Ladies and gents, we introduce you to Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream: a new wine infused ice cream that’s 5% alcohol proof. The family-run dairy farm and ice creamery has developed a unique … Read more

653-Pound Guy Trolled The Internet, Ended Up Losing 400 Pounds in Incredible Weight Loss Journey

Meet the incredible shrinking man Jesse Shand who loses 400 pounds with the help of internet strangers he once trolled. It started off as a joke. Jesse created a thread on Bodybuilding.com forum called “Ask the fattest man on the misc [sub-forum] anything,” in which he posted photos of his obese body. He completely didn’t … Read more

Man Invents “Shoe That Grows” 5-Sizes for Children Living in Poor Areas

Sometimes, all you need is a simple idea that could change millions of lives, and inspire millions more. For inventor Kenton Lee, it was his humble yet highly functional sandals that grow – a truly incredible idea that’s making a huge difference right now. Shoes are hard to come by for millions of children living … Read more