20 Photos of The Most Beautiful River in the World — The Emerald Beauty

The Soca River, aptly nicknamed “The Emerald Beauty”, is a 136 km river famous for its emerald-green water (or even bluish color). Soca is actually one of the rare rivers in the world that retain such magnificent color throughout its length. Coupled by the pure, well-preserved and undisturbed surroundings that envelope this jewel of nature, … Read more

Photos Of Mysterious Abandoned Chicken Church in the Jungle of Indonesia

Hidden deep in the Indonesian jungle, lies a ‘church’ with the most unusual form. The long abandoned structure was built by 67-year-old Daniel Alamsjah in 1990, after he had a vision from God to build a prayer house atop a hill. What he built though was no ordinary place of worship. For starters – it … Read more