Lake Michigan’s Clear Waters Reveals Long-Forgotten Shipwrecks (6 Photos)

Only a few weeks ago, on April 17, a Coast Guard aircrew was doing a routine patrol along the Lake Michigan shoreline when they made this amazing discovery. The lake’s water is so clear right now as ice is gone for the season, giving the aircrew the amazing opportunity to snap photos of the many … Read more

12 Pictures That Reveal The Strange, Fascinating Beauty of Mars

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11 Most Bizarre Businesses In The World

These 11 companies are raking in serious bucks for thinking way outside the box. Some are pretty genius (somehow), but most of their products/ideas are just downright wackadoo. Craziest part? They’re making a lot of money.   1. Million Dollar Homepage The homepage sells 1,000,000 pixels at a dollar a piece. Many people agreed the … Read more

10 Most Expensive Houses In The World

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