Old Shipping Containers Transformed into Probably The Coolest Tiny City Ever

Instead of leaving them lying around, taking up space while they wait for their rusty end, the brilliant minds at Urban Space Management have come up with a perfect way to repurpose old shipping containers. Take a look!   Located at the Trinity Buoy Wharf in London, Urban Space Management spent 5 months (yes, that … Read more

Artist Cuts Into Old Books And Turns Them Into Stunning Masterpieces

Artist Barbara Wildenboer will get you in the mood for some serious paper-cutting with her collection of delicately cut books. She produces “sprawling paper nervous systems” by cutting hyperdetailed paper strips that form vein-like formations splaying out from each book’s spine. Re-purposing old books have never looked so inviting! See for yourself!   Barbara Wildenboer … Read more

When Scientists CT Scan This 1000-Year-Old Buddha Statue, They Find a Shocking Discovery Inside

An ancient statue of Buddha was on exhibit at the Drents Museum in the Netherlands. Like all priceless relics, the statue was subjected to a CT scan and examined with an endoscope. Upon examination, scientists discovered encased within the 1,000-year-old statue is a shocking secret. CT scans revealed that the Buddhist statue from the 11th … Read more

Coolest Space Photos Ever Taken by NASA (31 pics)

Throughout the years, we have been fascinated by the heavens. And lucky for us, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA constantly amazes us with some truly spectacular photos of earth, space, and pretty much the entire visible universe. Case in point, here are 31 super cool space photos taken by NASA that’ll definitely … Read more

1965 Experiment Reveals What Would Happen to Your Body If You Didn’t Sleep

In 1965, Randy Gardner, a 17-year-old high school student, set the world-record for the longest a human has intentionally gone without sleep not using stimulants of any kind. Gardner stayed awake for 264.4 hours (11 days 25 minutes). Watch the video below to see what happens to our body if we don’t sleep that long. … Read more

14 Incredible Photos Of People Living Alone In The Wilderness

Man, life is rough! Wouldn’t it be nice to just drop everything and escape the hustle and bustle of the modern day world? Tempting, I know. Also, a seemingly plausible plan – up until you realize that in order to do that, you’d have to say goodbye to the comforts and luxuries of modern life. … Read more