Las Vegas vs. Atlantic City: Which One is More Exciting?

Both Las Vegas and Atlantic City are offering visitors a variety of entertaining activities and must-see attractions. There are some top-notch night clubs, bars, pool parties and lots of other activities and things that are definitely worth seeing. Even though these two cities are 2,500 miles apart, they have always been competing against each other. … Read more

What’s In Every Alcohol In The World And How They’re Made

For centuries, alcohol has been an important part of various cultures around the world. Aside from recreational, alcohol has been used to serve different purposes throughout history, including medicinal, cultural, religious and so on. But what goes into making the world’s most famous drinks? This infographic will take you on a visual tour of the … Read more

Portuguese Sailors Called This Beautiful Coast “The Gates Of Hell”

It’s actual name is the Skeleton Coast, which is a stretch of Africa’s shore that has become the graveyard of many unlucky explorers, littered with rusted shipwrecks and animal bones. Portuguese sailors referred to it as “The Gates Of Hell.” Take a closer look. ViralNova Cocciag Arebbusch [wp_ad_camp_1] Skeleton Coast’s barren stretch spans from Namibia … Read more

Gratifying Footage of How Railroad Tracks Are Getting Replace These Days

Ever curious as to how railroad tracks get replaced? Well I wasn’t, but this surprisingly gratifying footage of how it’s done nowadays gave me a whole new appreciation for this beast of a machine. Compared to before when men do almost all the work manually, riding pump-handle trolleys and hammering railroad spikes to the ground, … Read more

19 News Headlines That’ll Leave You Scratching Your Head

These are what passes for headline news these days… 1. Lock up your pooches. themetapicture 2. That’s super obvious reddit 3. Ha ha! dumpaday 4. Were they dead? themetapicture 5. Yeah, I can see the caps. reddit 6. In other news… their neighbor got a new car. reddit 7. Seriously, we need more than that. … Read more

30 of The World’s Weirdest, Most Intriguing Foods

Gone are the days when fancy schmancy gastronomical delights are all foodies talk about. That’s right, bugs and animal reproductive organs are slowly inching into the spotlight. Can’t really say bon appetit here. But step aside bacon, here comes…   1. Urine-soaked eggs “Tong Zi Dan” is a famous delicacy in Donyang County in the … Read more