When Scientists CT Scan This 1000-Year-Old Buddha Statue, They Find a Shocking Discovery Inside

An ancient statue of Buddha was on exhibit at the Drents Museum in the Netherlands. Like all priceless relics, the statue was subjected to a CT scan and examined with an endoscope.

Upon examination, scientists discovered encased within the 1,000-year-old statue is a shocking secret.

CT scans revealed that the Buddhist statue from the 11th or 12th century houses the mummified remains of an ancient Chinese Buddhist.

chinese monk mummy ct scan 1

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The scans further revealed that the mummy’s organs have been replaced by ancient Chinese scrolls with “ancient Chinese characters” on them.

chinese monk mummy ct scan 3

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From the scrolls, they figured out that the mummy was the body of Liquan, an ancient Buddhist master from the Chinese Meditation School.

chinese monk mummy ct scan 4

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While the process of Buddhist monks mummifying themselves is not unheard of, “Liquan” is believed to be the first mummy of his kind.

chinese monk mummy ct scan 5

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