11 Most Bizarre Businesses In The World

These 11 companies are raking in serious bucks for thinking way outside the box. Some are pretty genius (somehow), but most of their products/ideas are just downright wackadoo. Craziest part? They’re making a lot of money.

1. Million Dollar Homepage

The homepage sells 1,000,000 pixels at a dollar a piece. Many people agreed the idea was dumb but that didn’t stop then 21-year old Alex Tew in 2005 who wanted to raise money for his university education. Today, Alex is a millionaire and his website is still up and running and making money.

weird biz 1


2. Doggles

These guys sell goggles for dogs. This revolutionary (sure, sure) eye protection for pooches is perfect for road trips, beach days, or for sporting a dashing eye-wear while hunting for favorite poop spot at the park. Doggles have become a major hit that they’ve been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, among many others.

weird biz 3


3. Pet Rock

If you think Doggles are crazy, then brace yourselves because there exists something even crazier – pet rock. In 1975, Gary Dahl convinced millions of people that his idea was a stroke of genius, earning him a whopping $15 million. For that amount, I’m starting my own business. Who wants pet pebbles?

weird biz 8


4. Rent A Chicken

Who would want to rent a chicken for $350? Urban farmers, that’s who. Apparently, there’s a huge market for chicken renters in urban farming. The farmers rent the chicken to see if raising chickens work for them.

weird biz 11 rent a chicken


5. Santa Mail

Every letter costs $10 and is signed and sent from the North Pole. Founder Byron Reese didn’t let the rain of “that’s a bizarre idea” stop him from sending out at least 200,000 letters throughout the course of his career. He’s a million dollars richer now.

weird biz 2 santa mail



6. Antenna Balls

If you think there aren’t enough people who are interested in antenna balls, you’re wrong. Jason Wall’s antenna balls sold like hot pancakes with a side of bacon on a Sunday morning. He’s a millionaire now, too.

weird biz 5


7. Fit Deck

Fit Deck’s head honcho, Phil Black (a former Navy SEAL) cashed in $5,000,000 for combining 2 things that many people love (apparently) – working out and playing cards.

weird biz 6


8. Lucky Wishbone

Ken Ahroni believed so much in wishbones that he actually turned it into a money-making machine. His company, Lucky Wishbone Co., produces 30,000 wishbones daily. In 2006, his sales hit over one million dollars.

weird biz 7


9. Reserve A Spot In Heaven

Not all of us would agree of heaven’s existence. But just in case it really does exist, you can now reserve a spot in paradise for $15.

weird biz 9

photo: pxleyes│ reserveaspotinheaven.com/

10. Anger Room

Want to break things? Go for it! At the Anger Room, you simply pick up a blunt instrument of your choice and smash furniture and things to your heart’s content. You’ll be charged $25 for every 5 minutes.

weird biz 10


11. Sympathy Food delivery service

Former funeral director David Storke believes flowers aren’t enough to give those who are mourning the loss of a loved one. So he created Sympathy Food delivery service. It totally makes sense. I mean, nothing brings comfort like comfort food, right? I’m mourning the death of my toenail, I think I’ll order their lasagna now.

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