Photos of the Liberation of Buchenwald Concentration Camp

Buchenwald concentration camp, Thuringia, Germany, April 1945. American soldiers force local German civilians to bear witness to Nazi atrocities at Buchenwald concentration camp, mere miles from their own homes after the camp had been liberated. Image captured by Margaret Bourke-White Prisoners of Buchenwald concentration camp, too weak to stand, still rest in their barracks after … Read more

Hiroshima after the atomic bombing in 1945

During World War II, Hiroshima was a center for both industrial and military activities. It was the headquarters of Field Marshal Shunroku Hata’s Second General Army, commanding the defense of southern Japan, and was located in Hiroshima Castle. Hata’s army consisted of about 400,000 men, most of whom were on Kyushu where an Allied invasion … Read more

Most Decorated Japanese-American Fighters during WWII (24 pics)

After the horrifying Pearl Harbor attack by Japan, many Americans were distrusting of all Japanese-Americans living in the U.S. The government ordered around 110,000 Japanese-Americans into internment camps. The Federal government classified all Japanese-American men of draft age, except those already in the armed forces, as 4-C, enemy aliens, who were forbidden to serve the … Read more

Faces From the Front: World War I Soldiers’ Horrific Facial Injuries

Before and after photos from the front demonstrate how British and French soldiers had to have their faces completely rebuilt having been maimed during World War I. This incredible collection of photos are from the Faces from the Front, highlighting the work of a young surgeon Harold Gillies. This was also a show of the … Read more