German Troops Rescuing a French Soldier from Sinking in a Mud Hole

Germans helping a French wounded soldier (1916) Picture taken during the Battle of Verdun, one of the most deadliest battles of the Great War. The concentration of so much fighting in such a small area devastated the land, resulting in miserable conditions for troops on both sides. The shells turned up the earth and left … Read more

30+ Rare Photos of One of the Bloodiest Battles in Human History

The Battle of the Somme was one of the bloodiest military battles in the history of war. On the first day alone, the British army suffered more than 57,000 casualties! By the end of the campaign, more than 1.5 million men of the Allies and Central Powers were killed (1916) Fought between July 1 and … Read more

Faces From the Front: World War I Soldiers’ Horrific Facial Injuries

Before and after photos from the front demonstrate how British and French soldiers had to have their faces completely rebuilt having been maimed during World War I. This incredible collection of photos are from the Faces from the Front, highlighting the work of a young surgeon Harold Gillies. This was also a show of the … Read more