This Is What Ants See When They Walk Around Your House

It’s amazing what our naked eyes cannot see. It’s even more amazing when technology butts in and lets us finally take a peek into what daily objects look like under extreme close-ups! 1. Apple Stalk imgur 2. Ballpoint pen imgur 3. Beach stone imgur 4. Book pages imgur 5. Brass key imgur 6. Cornflake imgur … Read more

First Look at 7 of the World’s Groundbreaking Inventions and Discoveries

Early inventions were products of necessity. There are countless of them throughout history, but only a few have the capacity to change the world. Here’s a first look at seven of the world’s groundbreaking inventions:   1. Telephone All thanks to Alexander Graham Bell’s success in inventing the telephone, humanity has the technology to communicate … Read more

Drone Captures Rare Footage Of Whale Sharks and Manta Rays Feeding Frenzy

A drone captured this breathtaking event off the coast of Isla Mujeres, Mexico. A large concentration of plankton attracted at least half a dozen of whale sharks and manta rays, leading to a feeding frenzy. The stunning video also shows snorkelers weaving among the incredible fishes in the world. Watch. Here’s an extra footage: Credit: … Read more