The Awesome Roadways Of The Future

This is the roadway of the future. And it’s finally underway thanks to the engineering couple Julie and Scott Brusaw. They simply called it Solar Roadways. As written on their Indiegogo crowdfunding site: “Solar panels that you can drive, park, and walk on. They melt snow and… cut greenhouse gases by 75-percent?!!!” … Read more

This New Device Is Called “Odon.” What It Does Could Be A Lifesaver For Pregnant Women.

The Odon was inspired by something the inventor saw on YouTube. He designed a new device that’s now become a “big idea to help the birthing process.” The device can ease deliveries and serve as an alternative to C-sections. It’s also safer and easier to use than forceps or a ventouse. Once developed further, the … Read more

When You See These Breathtaking Photos Taken From Space, You Will Be Mesmerized.

These magnificent photos were taken from over 200 miles above our planet Earth, aboard the International Space Station. Get ready for your cosmic sightseeing tour, and enjoy the view from up there! 1. The Northern Lights Image Courtesy of NASA 2. Storm over Southwestern Australia Image Courtesy of NASA 3. Great Britain and the Northern … Read more