Texas Man Became The First Heartless Person Ever To Live Without A Pulse

In 2011, 55-year-old Craig Lewis was diagnosed with “amyloidosis,” a rare case of autoimmune disease that causes rapid heart, kidney and liver failure. He would have died within days if not for two visionary doctors from Texas Heart Institute — Dr. Billy Cohn and Dr. Bud Frazier.

The two doctors proposed to remove Craig Lewis’ heart and put the “continuous flow” device in its place.

Mr. Lewis had been in a coma-like state. But a day after getting his new heart, he was able to sit up and talk to his family.

The device works like a pump, allowing blood to circulate through the body in a “continuous flow”.


An X-ray showing the “continuous flow” device inside Craig Lewis’ chest — making him the first man to live without a pulse.


Watch the incredible medical procedure below.

Although Mr. Lewis’ new heart was working okay, his kidney and liver started to deteriorate. The family decided to turn the heart off to end his suffering.

“You never know how much time you have but it was worth it,” Mrs. Lewis said.

Credits: General Electric| Daily Mail