12 Photos of the 1970 Miss American Vampire Pageant

In 1970, the Miss American Vampire regional contests were held around the country. New York City and Los Angeles generated the most interest from competitors. Almost all of the documentary evidence circulating the Internet these days comes from the New York regional contest, which took place at Palisades Amusement Park in New Jersey in September, … Read more

When Scientists CT Scan This 1000-Year-Old Buddha Statue, They Find a Shocking Discovery Inside

An ancient statue of Buddha was on exhibit at the Drents Museum in the Netherlands. Like all priceless relics, the statue was subjected to a CT scan and examined with an endoscope. Upon examination, scientists discovered encased within the 1,000-year-old statue is a shocking secret. CT scans revealed that the Buddhist statue from the 11th … Read more

14 Incredible Photos Of People Living Alone In The Wilderness

Man, life is rough! Wouldn’t it be nice to just drop everything and escape the hustle and bustle of the modern day world? Tempting, I know. Also, a seemingly plausible plan – up until you realize that in order to do that, you’d have to say goodbye to the comforts and luxuries of modern life. … Read more

Portuguese Sailors Called This Beautiful Coast “The Gates Of Hell”

It’s actual name is the Skeleton Coast, which is a stretch of Africa’s shore that has become the graveyard of many unlucky explorers, littered with rusted shipwrecks and animal bones. Portuguese sailors referred to it as “The Gates Of Hell.” Take a closer look. ViralNova Cocciag Arebbusch [wp_ad_camp_1] Skeleton Coast’s barren stretch spans from Namibia … Read more

30 of The World’s Weirdest, Most Intriguing Foods

Gone are the days when fancy schmancy gastronomical delights are all foodies talk about. That’s right, bugs and animal reproductive organs are slowly inching into the spotlight. Can’t really say bon appetit here. But step aside bacon, here comes…   1. Urine-soaked eggs “Tong Zi Dan” is a famous delicacy in Donyang County in the … Read more