Portuguese Sailors Called This Beautiful Coast “The Gates Of Hell”

It’s actual name is the Skeleton Coast, which is a stretch of Africa’s shore that has become the graveyard of many unlucky explorers, littered with rusted shipwrecks and animal bones. Portuguese sailors referred to it as “The Gates Of Hell.”

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Skeleton Coast’s barren stretch spans from Namibia to Angola.

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The coast itself and its hinterland is a breathtaking landscape blanketed by a vast area of rolling sand dunes.

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Over a thousand rusting ship hulls litter the infamous coast. It’s most notable residents include the Eduard Bohlen, Dunedin Star, Otavi and Tong Taw.

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Shipwreck of the Eduard Bohlen. On September 5, 1909, the ship ran aground off Skeleton Coast due to the coast’s thick fog.

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The coastline is strewn with whale and seal bones from the former whaling industry.

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Only 800 people a year are allowed to visit Skeleton Coast. The best way to get there is by joining a rather exclusive and expensive fly-in safari. A typical four-day trip costs around $6,000 per person.


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