25 Animals You Won’t Find In Zoos. In Fact, You Probably Didn’t Know They Even Existed!

Mexican Axolotl - evolutionary oddities-atchuup

Evolution has its share of intelligent designs. Take for instance the cheetah’s anatomy and physique that allows it to run faster than any land animal on the planet. But evolution doesn’t always get it right. Sometimes, it’s funny and… really weird. Here are some of nature’s strangest creatures (when evolution gets weird!) yet still pretty … Read more

15 Creepy Vintage Costumes That Will Put Your Store-Bought To Shame!

Happy Halloween! How’s the spookfest going? While you’re scrambling to put together your costume, why not take a breather and check these creepy vintage Halloween costumes that’ll make you rethink what you’ve already laid out. Try not to deuce your pants.   1. Can you drive us to the party? (source) 2. Calling out the … Read more

See That Haunting Picture Below? No, It Isn’t A Scene From ‘The Walking Dead.’ See For Yourself.

In a wooden area in Chatillon, Belgium, you will find this haunting sight of a “car graveyard” where vintage cars sit rusting among the fronds. Majority of these vehicles once belonged to US soldiers stationed in this region during World War II. When the war ended, the troops were sent home but they couldn’t afford … Read more

This Guy Found A Hatch In His New Apartment Leading To A Hauntingly Mind-Blowing Secret.

After moving into his new apartment, this guy unexpectedly stumbled into a hauntingly awesome secret room. He was happy to get a good deal on the rent, but didn’t realize the great value he got till he moved in and discovered something pretty amazing. The newly renovated studio apartment used to be an old English … Read more