See That Haunting Picture Below? No, It Isn’t A Scene From ‘The Walking Dead.’ See For Yourself.

In a wooden area in Chatillon, Belgium, you will find this haunting sight of a “car graveyard” where vintage cars sit rusting among the fronds.

Majority of these vehicles once belonged to US soldiers stationed in this region during World War II. When the war ended, the troops were sent home but they couldn’t afford to ship their cars, so they decided to hide them in the forest with the intention of retrieving them back.

But the decades passed and not a single car was retrieved. The place now looks like a haunting treasure trove of automotive history.

Take a closer look.

cm1Rosanne de Lange

cm2Rosanne de Lange

cm3Theo van Vliet

cm4Rosanne de Lange

cm5Marcel Wiegerinck

cm6Marcel Wiegerinck

cm7Marcel Wiegerinck

cm8Rosanne de Lange

cm9Rosanne de Lange


cm10Rosanne de Lange

cm11Theo van Vliet






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