This Guy Found A Hatch In His New Apartment Leading To A Hauntingly Mind-Blowing Secret.

After moving into his new apartment, this guy unexpectedly stumbled into a hauntingly awesome secret room. He was happy to get a good deal on the rent, but didn’t realize the great value he got till he moved in and discovered something pretty amazing.

The newly renovated studio apartment used to be an old English monastery. The old building now has about 30 apartments. The guy occupies a tiny room on the ground floor. Or so he thought it was tiny. Let’s take a look inside.

Living room/kitchen with high ceilings.

Setting up his things.

With high ceilings, his bed was placed in a unique place.

A cozy bed.

A nice bathroom on the first floor.

Now what is this?

Some nice hatch.

Let’s check out what’s inside.

Just a storage for some tools and whatnot. Nothing special.

But wait…


Is that a staircase? Which leads to what? Now we definitely have something here.

This time the guy’s a bit freaked out and called backup.

Together with his friend, they proceeded to explore and delve into the depths.

They found interesting corridors and more hatches beneath.

His friend examined the end of the corridor.

A possible hidden room in between apartments.

A room with a vaulted ceiling stretching to another corridor.

They found a graffiti which meant someone was here this decade.

This room is large with good head space.

Is this a bed or a crypt? This is interesting.

A sacrificial altar?

They found a hole in the middle of the room with loose dirt. It seemed recently disturbed.

Back to the stairs leading back up to the apartment. The stairs appeared to be the only entrance to the dungeon.

(Source: Imgur)

It was quite an adventure for this guy. Whatever is his next move, living in his new apartment would certainly be more exciting, or perhaps a bit scary.