21st Century Refugee Crisis: A Case of Global Amnesia

Every day we are treated with images of people, thousands of people, crossing vast expanse of sea, crawl through international borders, or die from suffocation inside human smugglers’ vans. And who can forget the image of that a young Syrian boy lying lifeless on a beach in Turkey while trying to get to Canada with … Read more

11 Never Before Seen Pictures Of The Titanic Taken By Fr. Frank Browne, SJ

These vintage photographs taken by Father Browne show a rare glimpse of what things were like before the ship went down in 1912. The last photo of the Titanic taken by Father Francis Browne. Father Frank Browne SJ Members of the Titanic crew pose with lifejackets. Father Frank Browne SJ A boy plays aboard the … Read more

After Viewing These Creepy Historical Photos, You Might Need To Take A Shower

There’s a surprising eeriness to historical photos, no matter how happy the tone of the image is. Perhaps it’s grainy black and white, sometimes sepia feel to them. Or maybe because they’re often torn, crumpled, and look damaged. Or is it the reality that the people in those old-timey photographs are long dead? These 14 … Read more

This Cathedral Holds Stunning Architectural Features. The Most Amazing Piece? I’m Blown Away.

In France stands one of the oldest and most remarkable churches in the world. The Cathedral of Saint Peter of Beauvais is a stunning 157-foot architectural masterpiece that’s twice older than the United States of America. Its construction started in 1225 where skilled stonemasons worked their hardest and fastest to build (in as little time … Read more