This Cathedral Holds Stunning Architectural Features. The Most Amazing Piece? I’m Blown Away.

In France stands one of the oldest and most remarkable churches in the world. The Cathedral of Saint Peter of Beauvais is a stunning 157-foot architectural masterpiece that’s twice older than the United States of America. Its construction started in 1225 where skilled stonemasons worked their hardest and fastest to build (in as little time … Read more

Guy Dumps Weird Goo All Over His Car. When He’s All Done, I’m 100% Jealous!

In Lithuania, a man went over and beyond to transform a scrap car into something absolutely amazing. First he started off with an old, beat-up car and refurbished it with expandable foam and cardboard stencils. Come check out how he did it. Cool coat, you just know this transformation is going to be awesome! Reddit … Read more

This Beautiful Cottage Is Only 320 Square Feet, But Just Take A Look Inside

This little cottage is solid proof that a tiny house can be just as great as a big one. Especially when it’s perched on the the cliffside, in the most picturesque location overlooking epic views of the ocean. Also, this tiny home in Whitsand Bay (a local surfing destination) doesn’t even feel cramped. With white … Read more

Behind This Vintage Coke Vending Machine In Shanghai Is An Awesome Secret

A coke vending machine stands unsuspectingly at a corner inside a sandwich shop in Shanghai. Diners won’t have a hard time noticing its adorable vintage look. Pretty neat, right? But wait until you see what it’s hiding behind. Take a look and you’ll be amazed. photo by Shen Zhonghai Voila! This coke vending machine is … Read more