Popular shows like Dexter

Dexter is not like other Hollywood shows that have a storyline of a detective and policeman solving murders. Dexter Morgan is a serial killer and not just a detective. He is depicted as the blood-spatter expert who assists police in solving murder mysteries. The fun part begins with his policewoman sister and his co-workers as … Read more

Designer Clothing- The Psychology Behind It

Wearing a designer label is something that is important to many, so much so, that the luxury apparel market was estimated to be worth 72.13 billion dollars in 2020; that is a lot of money!  What makes brand name apparel so appealing that people are willing to spend a small fortune on a piece of … Read more

30 Best Science Writing Prompts for Students

While students learn, they face multiple scientifically-based assignments. They all are different and have specific demands. It’s not easy to keep them all in memory and it’s very difficult to fulfill them appropriately. Perhaps they simply aren’t aware of some useful techniques and strategies that may help to overcome their impediments. Many students fail because … Read more

How to Write Unique and Creative Academic Level Articles

To write, unique and creative style essays, useful acknowledgment, and versatile feature plans are required. Interested communities who remain busy or have less sufficient knowledge they cannot write according to given parameters. Professional writers can write according to the given formats and can best enjoy their assigned duties after getting useful acknowledgment. Make sure who … Read more

8 Tips on How to get Good marks in Exam

For every time I finished an exam, I have always asked myself- ‘How can I write an examination without feeling I have written one’. The uneasiness and the pressure is a feeling I don’t like to relive. However, the truth remains that I cannot eliminate the anxiety that follows an examination completely. Exam preparation experts … Read more