Business Casual Shoes: A Style Guide

Thinking of buying another pair of shoes for a business casual look?

Many large companies are relaxing their dress codes to foster employee productivity and satisfaction. This newfound freedom gives way to allow some self-expression and be comfy as much as possible at work. The only problem is, you’ll more likely to wear out your favorite shoes!

If you’re struggling with finding the right shoes to buy next, we’ve got this guide to help you on your fashion journey. Here are some of the best business casual shoes and tips on how to transform your look:

  1. Loafers

Loafers are must-have additions for every well-dressed person’s wardrobe. Ditch the heels and indulge yourself with these comfortable business casual shoes. These laceless, slip-on shoes are ideal for working on your feet all day without dying from pain. 

A dark blue blazer, ripped jeans, and black loafers complete your preppy-chic outfit. For an effortless dapper look, throw in some cable-knit sweaters and suit jacks with dark loafers. 

  1. Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes are your usual go-to for a formal, streamlined look with its closed lacing system. However, you can rock a classic business casual appearance with the right clothes and attitude!

Go for a neutral button-up shirt and jeans with a pair of tan oxfords on your feet. If you’re into weekend outfits, wear a sweater over a long-sleeved checkered shirt. Wool trousers and suit jackets with these shoes are a great way to stylishly stave off the cold during winter. 

  1. Sneakers

Gone are the days when you can’t wear sneakers for work! Be cool and get rid of your tie to wear your favorite white polo shirt with matching chinos for the ideal Friday casual outfit. 

Stick to solid-colored and minimalistic sneakers to avoid dressing too casual at work. If the occasion allows, wear any type of sneakers as long as they’re sensible and not too bulky. Try checking out these authentic sneakers in KickScrew for new releases and rare collectibles. 

  1. Chukka Boots

Chukka boots are one of the simplest yet hardwearing shoes. It’s the ankle-length leather boots that give off a rugged and masculine vibe. This is perfect for styling washed-out and cuffed outfits to complement your other formal clothes. 

Wear a pair of suede chukka boots with neutral and muted color palettes. It goes well with denim jeans, chinos, short-sleeve button shirt, and dress shirts. To give it a crisp distinction, have at least an inch above the chukka boots from the hem of the pants. 

  1. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are slip-on shoes with a subtle elastic band on the side without laces. This is one of the most comfortable yet stylish business casual shoes for women and men alike. 

It comes up on top as the ultimate shoe of choice for fashion-forward people. These boots offer a slick, refined style with some tight-fitting chinos and a black blazer. Wear a long dark trench coat and white tight pants to pull off a cool ensemble from your wardrobe. 

Business Casual Shoes to Style Your Work Outfits

Have you found your next favorite shoes to wear? With these business casual shoes, you’ll be able to come up with amazing outfits to wow your co-workers!

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