The Best Online Board Games That You Can Play With Friends

Are you looking for a way to spend time with your friends?

Businesses are now beginning to reopen after a few long months in the pandemic. However, many health officials still advise people to stay at home. Social gatherings remain limited, along with travel.

Because of these trying times, it can be difficult to stay in touch with friends and loved ones. However, technology makes it easy for us to stay connected. Are you looking for a way to bond with friends online?

Consider trying online board games! Board games are a great alternative if you’re not into battle royale games. Read on to discover the best online board games to play with your friends or family members.

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride takes you through a train ride across the globe. This online board game is available across five digital platforms. If you’re familiar with the physical game, you’ll find that it operates the same.

You and other players must collect matching train cards for railways. If you’re willing to make some in-app purchases, you can find maps featuring Asia, Europe, and India. You may even explore Nordic countries, Germany, UK, and France.


Dune is one of the best online board games, taking after the 1965 science fiction novel. Players take names of noble families, religious orders, or guilds. This online board game takes you through a journey to conquer the land of Dune.

To play the virtual edition of Dune, you need to download Tabletop Simulator. With this, you may even create 3D models of your favorite games.


Monopoly is one of the oldest multiplayer games, now available on digital platforms. You can find this on your Apple App Store, Google Play, Pogo, and even Tabletop Simulator.

This classic real estate game takes you through a game of finances. The goal is to become rich and drives others into bankruptcy. The app features 3D animations, customizable house rules, and different player modes.


Villagers place you and your friends in the medieval age, in the aftermath of a plague. Players must help a hard-hit region to thrive by populating the community. You must strategize your placements of settlers and balance your food rations.

To play Villagers, you need a basic Tabletopia account. Tabletopia is similar to Tabletop Simulator, with over 900 games. You can play Villagers for free, but you may need a premium subscription to try other games.

Secret Hitler

If you’re looking for online board games to get you thinking, try Secret Hitler. This is a popular social deduction game that you can now play online. With this game, you can put your and your friends’ deception and deduction skills to the test.

Players must separate themselves into two groups: liberals and fascists. An algorithm will decide the role of the Secret Hitler. The selected Hitler will be unaware of their teammates.

However, the fascists can win by passing six fascist policies. They may also win after passing three, then getting Hitler elected for chancellor. On the other side, liberals must pass five liberal policies or kill Hitler.


This online game may seem like a funny jab at our current situation. However, some may find it befitting of the current pandemic. This game calls for players to cooperate and save the world from deadly viruses.

You can play Pandemic with up to five people. Playing as a team of experts, you must contain all viral outbreaks. Each player has a unique role with a certain set of abilities.

Players must travel between research centers and cities. You and your friends must contain the outbreak of four diseases while looking for cures. If you find all four in time, you win Pandemic.


Clue is one of the best online multiplayer board games for people who enjoy murder mysteries. Clue is one of the oldest of its kind, placing you in the center of a party where there’s been a sudden murder. You must determine who did it, where they did it, and what weapon they used.

You can find the official Clue game under steam, Apple App Store, or Google Play. If your friends are unavailable, you can play against the game’s AI. If you’re looking to play more murder mystery games, you can unlock Clue’s season pass.

The Game of Life

The Game of Life takes players through a simulated version of life. Users play the Game of Life by getting degrees, jobs, properties, and loved ones. Players must race to reach the end goal: retirement.

Whoever has the most wealth upon retirement wins. You can find the Game of Life in your device’s app store, under the same studio responsible for Clue and Monopoly. You may also access the “fast-mode” version or gain access to app-exclusive minigames.


Uno remains one of the most popular card games of all time, and it’s now available to play online. You can play this game with friends or use the game’s online matchmaking feature. The game recreates the act of drawing cards.

However, you’re unable to stack Draw 4 and Draw 2 cards, as per the game’s official rules. If you’re looking to enjoy an online game with friends without learning a new one, Uno is a classic choice.


If you’re looking for a more interactive game, consider playing Roll20. If you’ve always wanted to try a roleplaying tabletop game, Roll20 is the place to go. Roll20 offers a variety of games and rulesets, including Dungeons and Dragons.

You may even create unique campaigns and games. Its versatile interface may confuse new players at first. If you’re looking to try Roll20 with your friends, we recommend starting with a module.


Considered one of the classic evasion card games, Hearts is a fast paced, entertaining card game that is available online.

The game is simple, players aim to have the lowest number of points through a series of card-swapping rounds. The online version on offers single and multiplayer options, as well as a detailed guide on the rules and the origins of Hearts.

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