11 Deadliest American Wars in History And The Total Cost Of Each War

From 1775 up to the present, the United States of America has been involved in 11 major wars spanning a period of over two centuries. The world’s superpower has faced many military conflicts throughout history, lost thousands of soldiers and even civilians, and seen many wounded more returning home from fighting in various foreign lands. … Read more

15+ Historical Photos from inside Hitler’s Secret Bunker

In the spring of 1945, the streets of Berlin witnessed the savage fighting between German and Russian troops resulting in massive casualties and destruction. Towards the end, it became increasingly clear that the Third Reich was about to fall. But nothing quite marked their true end more than finding the bodies of Adolf Hitler and … Read more

Coastguard Captain Captures Stunning Photos Of Underwater Graveyard Full Of WWII Planes

Located near the Marshall Islands, at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, is a graveyard of World War II planes that have been resting peacefully underwater for 70 years. Wisconsin-based Coastguard captain Brandi Mueller gives us a rare glimpse, through his photographs, into this fascinating underwater site which divers have enjoyed exploring since the 1960s. … Read more

Heartbreaking Before-And-After Photos Showing How War Destroyed Historical Places In Syria (22 Pics)

Home to many of the world’s most treasured historical sites, these once beautiful places in Syria have been reduced to nothing but rubble. Ongoing military confrontations have terrorized the entire country, resulting to thousands of deaths and millions of people forced to flee their homes.