28 Hilarious Parents With The Craziest Sense Of Humor. The First One Killed Me… LOL!

Parents these days have more than just the old, worn-out dad jokes up their sleeves. Don’t believe us? Here are 28 perfect examples of hilarious parents who have mastered the art of trolling their children. Enjoy!   1. via Amazingly 2. via Amazingly 3. via Amazingly 4. via Amazingly 5. via Amazingly [wp_ad_camp_2] 6. via … Read more

17 Most Hilarious Lies Parents Told Their Kids. I’m Cracking Up At #11.

Life’s a roller-coaster when you have little kids around. And sometimes, the only way parents get through the day is a little white lie. These 17 here are among the funniest you’ll ever read!   1. themetapicture 2. themetapicture 3. themetapicture 4. themetapicture 5. themetapicture 6. themetapicture 7. themetapicture [wp_ad_camp_2] 8. themetapicture 9. themetapicture 10. … Read more