23 Dads Who Operate At Awesome 9000 Dad Level!

There are awesome dads, then there are super awesome dads. On most days that’s a good thing, but there are also times when we find their awesomeness crossing the border from inspiring to amusing… painfully amusing.   imgur Reddit Reddit Reddit Tumblr Tumblr Reddit Tumblr Reddit Reddit tickld imgur imgfave themetapicture Reddit Daily Picks and … Read more

Dear Parents, You Are Being Lied To

This article was written and originally published by Dr. Jennifer Raff on her blog, Violent Metaphors. This is also one of the most important articles we’ve ever posted here. Please take a few minutes of your time to read and share with others. In light of recent outbreaks of measles and other vaccine preventable illnesses, … Read more

These Parents Really Nailed This Parenting Thing. You Gotta See What They Did… Brilliant!

It’s their little boy’s birthday. Years before that, these parents decided to do something extra special and memorable for their child when he turns four. They brilliantly succeeded! Here’s how they did it: Behind this dresser is an unused storage room, which they concealed for years until their child’s fourth birthday. goer This is how … Read more