These Parents Really Nailed This Parenting Thing. You Gotta See What They Did… Brilliant!

It’s their little boy’s birthday. Years before that, these parents decided to do something extra special and memorable for their child when he turns four. They brilliantly succeeded! Here’s how they did it:

Behind this dresser is an unused storage room, which they concealed for years until their child’s fourth birthday.

This is how it looks before they started fixing it up.



Then they started working on the room when the boy wasn’t around.

Filled it with fun stuff for the kid.

Like the Genie from Aladdin (voiced by Robin Williams, thanks again for making us laugh)

When it was finished, they called it “The Secret Treasure Room.”

It’s now ready for the kid’s birthday.

(via io9, goer)


On the morning of the boy’s birthday, they had a treasure hunt with clues in the house leading to the secret door. When he found it, they had this conversation between him and his mom.

Me: “What do you think we should do?”

The Boy: “I think we should peek inside it.”

Me: “What do you think is in there?”

The Boy: “Some treasure is in there.” He walked in wide eyed and asked, “where is my birthday present?”

Me: “You are in your birthday present.”

The Boy: “What is it?”

Me: “It is a whole room.”

“A treasure room!” As he took it in he got very excited and declared that he would show it to everyone.

I gave him the tour of the room. “Oh, this is pretty cool, mother.”

Then it really sank in. “A secret treasure room! I like this room so much,” he jumped up and down. “Thank you father and mother.”

This is may be the best birthday present of all time for a 4-year old kid. I’m pretty sure the little boy won’t ever forget his 4th birthday present.