She Started Playing Her Violin, But Then These Two Elephants Did The Most Adorable Thing

Before performing at the Circus World Museum in Baraboo, Wisconsin, Violinist Eleanor Bartsch decided to warm up for her performance of Bach’s “Concerto for Two Violins” next to these two elephants. Everyone was amazed when Kelly and Viola started swaying along to Eleanor’s music. This proves that some animals really do have an ear for … Read more

This New Acoustic Instrument Creates Sounds like a Digital Synthesizer

Istanbul-based musician Görkem Şen designed this new acoustic instrument he called The Yaybahar. The instrument emits music right out of a retro sci-fi movie. This is an impressive feat considering there isn’t a bit of electricity involved. You can play the instrument in a variety of ways using mallets or a bow to create music. … Read more

28 Facts About Rock & Roll You Probably Didn’t Know

Rock and roll really needs no long introduction. It’s music with a scene, the most mind-blowing kind. Despite the bad rap that is drugs and sex, there is no denying that rock and roll artists are still the most celebrated musicians to this day. They’re, well, timeless. So, for the rock and roll fans, here … Read more