A Baby Bird Lands On This Singer’s Guitar Mid-Song. His Reaction Is Priceless.

Josh Williams and his band were performing live at the Doyle Lawson Bluegrass Festival in Denton, North Carolina. While they’re in the middle of playing their instruments and singing, a baby bird landed right on Josh’s guitar. This really looks like something straight out of a Disney film. Watch. (Credit: Ted Lehmann) So glad the … Read more

These Parents Really Nailed This Parenting Thing. You Gotta See What They Did… Brilliant!

It’s their little boy’s birthday. Years before that, these parents decided to do something extra special and memorable for their child when he turns four. They brilliantly succeeded! Here’s how they did it: Behind this dresser is an unused storage room, which they concealed for years until their child’s fourth birthday. goer This is how … Read more

These Arriving Passengers At London’s Heathrow Airport Were In For A Big Surprise. Clue: It’s Epic.

The title of this YouTube video is “How British People Greet You At The Airport.” And it’s one of the most beautiful spectacles I’ve ever seen in a while. After a long flight, these passengers were warmly welcomed at London’s Heathrow Terminal 5 with an amazing a capella performance. I’d certainly love it if I’d … Read more

This Adorable Little Girl Wrote Google A Letter They Couldn’t Simply Ignore. So Google Responded.

You can’t simply say no to kids, especially to this adorable kid who wrote Google a very important, endearing letter. She didn’t only say “please” but also provided with good reasons why Google should say yes to her letter. Even mighty Google couldn’t say no to the little girl’s request. Because as she wrote: “It … Read more