These Are The 33 Powerful Things You Only Need To Hear When You’re Having A Bad Day.

There will always be bad days, inevitable hard times and tough choices. This video offers wonderful words of encouragement that we all need to hear again and again. Even if you’re having a great day, this video still makes for a great watch. Hope this gives you some encouragement today. The audio is the spoken-word … Read more

Each Week, 2 Anonymous Students Sneak Into A Classroom And Did These Mind-Blowing Things.

They go by the name Dangerdust. Each week, they sneak into a classroom and create several masterpieces that are causing a quite stir at the Columbus College Of Art & Design. They use nothing but chalk and a chalkboard, and have created some of the most stunningly beautiful and inspiring art you will ever see. … Read more

Here Are 11 Important Life Lessons Robin Williams Taught Us. #6 Is Essential.

The world is a much richer and happier place thanks to Robin Williams. He left us with his stellar and delightful performances in classic films like Aladdin, Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, and many others. He also left us with important life lessons we could all live by. Here are just eleven of them: … Read more

There’s A Restaurant In Toronto Where Your Order Falls On Deaf Ears. And The Customers Love It!

This new restaurant in Toronto called Signs offers diners great food, excellent service, and a unique dining experience. Signs hires deaf people to serve the diners, giving a great job opportunity for the deaf community in Toronto. Anjan Manikumar, the owner of the restaurant, was inspired to open Signs when he saw a deaf customer … Read more

We’ve Seen Artists Turn Trash Into Something Really Cool. But This One… This Is Absolute Genius.

Gregory Kloehn is an artist from Oakland who uses trash to change people’s lives. He recently gave up selling pricey artworks to rich people to build something for the homeless – a mobile charming shelter made entirely out of trash. Gregory was inspired by the home environmental movement. Instead of creating something for the wealthy … Read more