What This Guy Is Doing Is Illegal, But When You See It, You’ll Love It.

Altering the faces on dollar bills is technically illegal. But what the artist James Charles is doing is completely incredible. You don’t want him to stop. He started working on the series American Iconomics in 2010, in which he transforms the historical figures on dollar bills into pop culture icons. See for yourself and… wow! … Read more

Funny Guy Zach Galifianakis Is Actually An Amazing Hero. Here’s A Proof.

Many of us know Zach Galifianakis from The Hangover Movies. His story is inspirational. He was a struggling comedian who achieved considerable success and never forgot where he came from. He’s also a great man and amazing hero, especially to an 87-year-old woman. See for yourself. via tickld He also mocks Nike’s offer by taking … Read more

Here Are 11 Important Life Lessons Robin Williams Taught Us. #6 Is Essential.

The world is a much richer and happier place thanks to Robin Williams. He left us with his stellar and delightful performances in classic films like Aladdin, Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, and many others. He also left us with important life lessons we could all live by. Here are just eleven of them: … Read more

23 Famous People You Probably Didn’t Know Had Twins. Wait, There’s Two Of Them?! Not Fair.

While thinking of a clever title for this article, the first thought that came to my head is “Hey, some of the twins of these celebs are disappointingly normal. How about that?” But that didn’t pan out well with our editor. Anyway, most of these popular people on the list have twins (virtually unknown to … Read more