Coolest Space Photos Ever Taken by NASA (31 pics)

Throughout the years, we have been fascinated by the heavens. And lucky for us, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA constantly amazes us with some truly spectacular photos of earth, space, and pretty much the entire visible universe. Case in point, here are 31 super cool space photos taken by NASA that’ll definitely … Read more

20 Vintage NASA Photographs of the First Voyages in Outer Space

A priceless selection of prints from an unseen collection of vintage space photos by NASA’s pioneering astronauts are currently being auctioned. Titled “From the Earth to the Moon: Vintage NASA Photographs of the First Voyages Beyond Our Home Planet,” the auction includes 600 visual bits of space travel history — from the very first “selfie” … Read more

Guy Found a 1981 Lamborghini Hiding in His Grandma’s Garage for 20 Years

A Reddit user named Eriegin posted some photos of an amazing car along with the caption “Despite the rust and dust, grandma’s 1981 Lamborghini Countach is the coolest.” This is not just an ordinary Countach. The photos Eriegin shared on Reddit look like a Countach 500S, in which there are only 321 examples ever built. … Read more

35 Most Exotic Swimming Pools In The World

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