Galapagos Islands: Still Enchanting As The Day Charles Darwin First Saw It in 1835

Burnt out from his medical studies, Charles Darwin thought he needed a long sabbatical. So he packed his bags, and, together with a friend, Captain Robert Fitzroy, left England on board the HMS Beagle in July 1835 bound for the Galapagos Islands, arriving on September 15, 1835. At first, his only intention was to see … Read more

These Horrifying Photos Show That The World Is In ICU, and We Put Her There

If Mother Earth was a human being, she would be in ICU right now because of pollution. And you and I are responsible for it. Consider these, tip of the iceberg facts: 1.   More than 100 million people are affected by pollution – making it one of the biggest global killers, comparable to malaria … Read more