23 Incredible Photos of Russians Fighting during World War II

This was the Eastern Front in pictures. Soviet photographers took these harrowing images capturing the bloody horrors of World War II. A Russian anti-tank gun crew advances towards the German positions under cover of a smoke screen, somewhere in Russia, on July 23, 1943 Leningrad, 1942 1941 In February of 1943, a Soviet soldier stands … Read more

20 Powerful Photos of Cities Around the World at War

Below is our moving collection of unforgettable photographs of cities in the past (some recent) that demonstrate the heartbreak of loss, the tremendous devastation of human conflicts and struggle for power, and the triumph of the human spirit. Verdun, 1915 Ruins of Verdun, France. The First World War. Madrid, 1936 Children playing near the facade … Read more

Photos of Nazi Invasion of Poland that Shocked the World (19 Pics)

Nazi troops shocked the entire world by invading Poland on September 1, 1939. World leaders recognized this as the final straw that would lead to war. Actually, German military leaders had been planning for war with Poland as early as 1920s. The rise to power of Hitler in 1933 capitalized on German’s desire to regain … Read more