Creative Handmade Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

It is always nice to receive gifts and give them. It is even nicer when it is a handmade gift. Made with love, it will tell much more than the one that is bought in the store. What can be presented so that it is original...


5 Apps That Help Young Couples Bond

When a couple goes through a hard time, books on psychology do not always help. People need something more practical.


4 best tips on modern dating

Meeting and dating people for us is an integral part of daily life. We constantly encounter new people in our own personal space.


Cyberspace Romance: Six Truth about Online Relationships

More and more singles are choosing to ignore the traditional outlets for connecting with potential partners – bars, nightclubs, social clubs, introductions by mutual friends – and opting to flirt online instead.


Internet Relationships and Their Impact on Modern Society

here has been an explosion in online dating in recent times, with new sites being launched on a daily basis, catering for a diverse range of interests. So many singles are now choosing...


5 unusual facts about dating

Are you still looking for that special someone? You are not alone. Every day, more than 90 million people worldwide use dating apps...

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