Creative Handmade Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

It is always nice to receive gifts and give them. It is even nicer when it is a handmade gift. Made with love, it will tell much more than the one that is bought in the store. What can be presented so that it is original and unusual?

Mugs for a festive mood

Mugs are a gift that certainly will not gather dust on a shelf. White mugs are unlimited scope for imagination. Just choose the color and style that you like best: bright sequins, laconic colors, or cute drawings.

If you still don’t have one hobby for two, then this activity may become one of those  fun hobbies for couples that you have to try.

Gift with sweets

This gift is especially nice for those why are very fond of sweets. For example, you can use an ordinary pot and decorate it by gluing beads, sequins, coffee beans, etc. Put inside the most favorite candies of the person you want to give this gift to.

Option for a girl

Handmade bracelet made of beads is a worthy gift solution. Also, a bead garland is suitable for this. It is very simple to make such a present – the beads need to be glued to the form (the shape should be of an ordinary thin bracelet, without jewelry), and the beads should be tied with a thick thread.

It looks very creative and beautiful. If desired and possible, rhinestones can be glued to the beads, but then it is important not to overdo here; otherwise, the bracelet may look a little vulgar.

Alternatively, you can take inspiration from popular gifts for girls here on

Cozy plaid

There is no better thing for frosty evenings than large and warm plaid. This can be tied without knitting needles, only with your hands. Just master a special knitting technique. 

Hot chocolate set

This is a pretty delicious gift, an arsenal of ingredients for warming hot chocolate, like cocoa – the more the better. Pick an unusual cup for it.

Watercolor portrait

This method will help create gift portraits for one or two, and at the same time, it is not necessary to have special artistic skills. This is a gift that will be remembered!

Edible present box

For such a gift, you can use any beautiful box or jar and put dried fruits in layers – this idea is great for those who are on diet. A jar or a box should be decorated thematically, depending on what the occasion is.

Body scrub

If you are looking for easy handmade gifts, then this is a homemade body scrub. It may be different, so feel free to combine the ingredients, for example, it can be scrub with the smell of raspberry or lavender and tea.

Unusual diary

If you wonder what to give, give a diary! Most of it will come in handy at the start of the year. Choose one with a plain cover in the store and decorate it with ribbons, paints, pastels or simple embroidery.

Vitamins of happiness

Is it possible to present a more inappropriate gift than a medicine? And if it’s not ordinary pills but magic vitamins of happiness? The original gift will brighten up a rainy day, give a good mood and positive emotions.

To make such a present, you will need a glass or plastic bottle and “pills.” It can be multi-colored dragees or other sweets.

The main idea is to preserve the pharmacological attributes, instructions, dosage, description of the drug. For example, indicate that each tablet contains 30% of a cough suppressant and 50% of an organic mood enhancer.

Bouquet of chocolates

One of the easiest options to please a woman is to give her a bouquet. And if you make it with your own hands and add her favorite sweets, then she will be the happiest in this world.

Get any chocolates, sweets, bars – everything that exactly will be to the taste of the recipient of the gift and make a bouquet out of this.